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    MobileMate UPS SMS Monitoring Manager



    MobileMate UPS SMS Manager is well-designed, It is a computer room and UPS monitoring and management product combining UPS monitoring and SMS alerts. The products are applicable to monitoring and managing remote UPS, and the surrounding temperature and humidity conditions through wireless text messages.

    ·Application Fields

    Mobile Mate provide remote monitoring and management of UPS, battery units, temperature and humidity, as well as the operating and fault conditions via wireless text messages.

    1) It is applicable in a dispersion of power supply room;

    2) It is for remote unmanned engine room, such as self-service outlets, a small network node room and the like;

    3) It is for rooms without wired network connection or power, such as outdoor base stations, relay stations hills, highway culverts, wild weather collection sites and the like;

    4) It is for occasions that do not apply to complex monitoring tools, and receive UPS power supply system alarm SMS instantly.


    independent embedded linux system, without relying on any other computer;

    can be monitored remotely through the network UPS;

    Interface enables Web-based user interface;

    compatible with many models of multi-brand UPS;

    High-performance integrated industrial grade GSM / GPRS module;

    support dual-band GSM / GPRS;

    compliance with ETSI GSM Phase 2+ standard;

    Support SMS alerts;

    Support E-mail alert;

    Multi-user rights management;

    10 / 100Mbps Ethernet adaptive work;

    Support remote self-test, shutdown and restart the UPS (need UPS support);

    support telnet, HyperTerminal, WEB page configuration;

    Support Program Task (timed self-test, open \ shutdown);

    with historical events and data logging;

    for remote UPS monitoring and management via HTTP, SNMP, Java applet, Telnet and IP Power;

    Perfect UPS event processing (including event logging and notification);

    sound management function (data logging, SNTP and work schedule);

    Scalable surrounding temperature and humidity detection;

    ■Sending text messages several mobile phones for the failure of UPS;
    ■Compatible with most single-phase and three-phase UPS;
    ■Check the status of UPS by text messages;
    ■Different authorizations make sure the security, confidentiality and reliability;
    ■Built-in real-time system clock can set the UPS scheduled on/off, scheduled discharge of batteries and so on;
    ■When power failure happens, it can shut down the loads safely to protect of data in computers;

    ■Scheduled self-maintenance management (scheduled discharge, power on/off).

    ·Technical Specifications

    ■Supplied by 12V DC;
    ■One RS232 for communication with UPS;
    ■One RS422/485 communication interface can be cascaded the Modbus bus communication interfaces (for connecting the intelligent temperature and humidity detection module and the battery volume measurer, etc.);
    ■One built-in GSM MODEM module for text message transmission;
    ■One 10/100MEthernet interface (physical interface: RJ-45 socket);
    ■Built-in complete TCP/IP network module, supporting HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, SNTP, DHCP, DNS and other network protocols;
    ■Data can be recorded on cards;

    ■Support online network upgrade directly in the remote management center to monitor the device's software upgrade;

    ■Built-in ultra-long life system clock provides automatic synchronization timing.


    ·Typical Monitoring Program Topological Diagrams 


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